About Mongolia

Short information about Mongolia.

Welcome to outstanding Mongolia. We are really happy to introduce our country and culture. We Mongolians are famous on our history and nomadic lifestyle. We have 3.138.560 population and almost half of them is living in Ulaanbaatar /capital/ city. From the Great Genghis khan, we Mongolians are still together with world history and had an interesting history. We created the world’s biggest dynasty ever in 13th century and also almost disappeared from the world in the beginning of 20th century.  Density of Mongolian population is 1.9 people per km2. And we have 60 million livestock.

Discover Mongolia

What we can explore together as a team is:

Untouched, remote areas that make you feel the freedom
Still existing nomadic lifestyle which is almost as same as 800 years ago,
Explore Buddhist temples and some ruins from the 16th – 19th centuries.
Riding a horse in Orkhon river valley and riding a camel near the sand dunes.
Visiting reindeer /shaman/ family and trekking by the Khuvsgul lake side.
Discovering Gobi Desert such as flaming cliffs and bearded vulture canyon
and many more…,

Who we are

We are working in tourism since 2000.
Baterdene Tserendash
My name is Bat-Erdene. I have been guiding for tourist since 2000. I was working in a small guesthouse when I was a boy. Last 6 years I’m working with a Horseback adventures LLC. Sometimes I organize independent tours from my abroad friend’s recommendations. From 2017 opened my own agency and will try to help for tourists to discover Mongolia and it’s culture.

Baterdene Tserendash
Narangarav Chultem
She can cook a fantastic food in the middle of nowhere. She is a biological teacher and loves nature and outdoor. That’s why she is doing a cook to travel. With her you are in safe hand.

Narangarav Chultem
Tsetsegdari Tserendash
She has been guiding for 7 years and fluently in English and Turkish. She is friendly, funny and well educated.  Never had a complaint from trips. One of the high ranked guides.

Tsetsegdari Tserendash

Connect us at info@traveling2mongolia.com 

+976 88300330, +976 99178600

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